Hotel Lleida is located in Graus, capital of the Ribagorza region, where the rivers Ésera and Isábena meet, in the middle of the Aragonese Pyrenees.
The streets of Graus exhibit an exceptional artistic and architectural heritage. In fact, in 1975, the historical centre was declared to be of Historical Artistic interest. The village, with its great many traditions and monumental buildings, is of great historical importance.
Parts of the city wall and three of its vestibules, «Chinchín», «Linés» and «Barón», are still standing today. In the district of «Barrichós» (District of Down), you can find ancestral homes such as the houses of Solano, Oliván, Mur and Fantón. The main square, or Plaza Mayor, surrounded by porches that form a harmonious combination of various different architectural styles, is really remarkable.
The Church of San Miguel is Romanesque in its origin, but was remodelled numerous times throughout the centuries. Inside you can still find the cross of Santo Cristo donated by San Vicente Ferrer at the beginning of the XV century.
However, the most characteristic religious building in Graus is the basilica of Virgen de la Peña, in a Gothic Renaissance style. The cloister of the basilica offers a spectacular view of the Ésera and the Isábena valleys and in the old hostelry now houses a very interesting Icon Museum.
Other remarkable structures are the medieval bridge, known as «Puente de Abajo» or «Puente de la Pascasia», and the monument to Joaquin Costa.
The festivities of Graus are celebrated in honour of Santo Cristo and San Vicente Ferrer. From 12-15 September, some of the most rooted traditions are relived: the «Dances» with laces and swords, the «Albada» songs performed in the streets early in the morning, the «Llega» during which donations for Santo Cristo are recollected and the «Baile de los Palitroques» is danced and the «Mojiganga» satirical procession. In 1973, they were declared of National Tourist Interest.

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